I have tested the new V-ray  denoiser to see how can be used in a production pipeline. The Idea behind the denoiser is to create a noisier but quicker image using lower noise threshold in brute force and then reduce the noise with the denoiser. The tool its simple enough: you just add VRayDenoiser as a render element, select the strength of the denoiser (if you choose custom you can change it after render) and that’s it.

To do the tests I used the default “universal” V-ray set up with light cache as secondary bounces and brute force in primary. I put my max subdivisions at 100 and control the quality with the noise threshold.

In this test I used a material created to test the noise reduction. Its basically a red kind of plastic with a weird Bercon noise as a bump. The Shader Ball was taken from Grant Warwick website (very good courses).

This is the hi quality control image with a noise threshold of 0.005


I tested the denoiser in two different noise threshold values, 0.01 and 0.05, and in both of them I tested the three different strength set ups(Mild, Default and Strong). I also make a test of what I think it would be the perfect circumstances to use the denoiser.

here you have all the renders:

denoiser tests

The different render test

The reductions on the render times are spectacular but they are not for free.  As you can see in the next detail examples, depending on the setting you can lose a bit or a lot of detail.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified
Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified


I think denoiser is a very interesting “desperate times” tool. If you can render for an extra hour of two you should avoid it but if the deadline for that 20 huge images is tomorrow morning, go for it!!

I rendered what I think it will be the perfect scenario for denoiser: no detail on the scene.

In this case, the lost of quality was close to non and the render time was 90% less:

you can download all the individual renders here.

Have you use denoiser in the pass? What are your thoughts about it? leave a comment in the below section.


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