What is this image about?

I create this image in a moment when we weren’t very busy at my work.

The objective of this project was to create an image of a product as realistic as possible. I got total freedom to choose the product so as I am a biker there was an obvious choice.

Being an internal project, the budget for that image was reduced.  I find a bmw s1000rr on turbosquid that had reasonable quality and was cheap enough.

the model as shown in Turbosquid

The model itself wasn’t to bad. I have to remodel some parts, and some wold need to be adjusted. The exhaust was nothing like the one in the s1000rr, probably was from another motorcycle model. The tires was too flat and unrealistic and there was some details to change here and there.

Original Geometry

Other problem that I find was that the geometry was very hi poly with the stack collapsed so I would  find very difficult to  Unwrap the model.

I knew that the main problem with the bike would be the materials as all of them was simple Vray material with some color on them. Trying to reach photorealism means that you have to work really hard in every single shader. You also need as many references as you can get, in the case of a bike as famous as the S1000RR that is not a problem. Physically Based Materials are dirty as everything is kind of dirty in real life but you want your model to look new and clean. It is everything about being subtle .

First version of the Bike

When I finish the bike, my boss decided that it will be a good idea to make an animation but I liked the light and I didn’t want to change it. This is when the idea of a photo shoot come to life, modeling the lights means that I could move the camera freely. The camera and the tripod are library models although I changed the materials for Vray materials and adjust them.

At the end, I am very happy with the result.



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