This Easter I felt like modeling so I created this retro like sofa.

The Idea was to create a sofa as close as possible to the real one at my parents house. I have to say that leather may not be the best material for a sofa in Spain where the temperatures reach the 40º.  If you are not wearing shirt, you will need a scraper to get up.

It worth to download it just to check the materials. I have spend some time working on them and I they look good.


You can download the sofa for free but, because the textures that I used are not mine, I can’t post them.  I have included a low res 512×512 version of the textures so you can find some similar ones. I have use Vray and it should open with max 2014.

If you want to send me a render where you use the sofa I will post it here with you name.


Enjoy it!!


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