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Backgrounder 1.0



Backgrounder try to fix the problem created with the 2014 version when Autodesk remove the “lock zoom and pan” option from the background menu.
It creates a “Virtual Studio” in a very easy way with planes that are frozen but still visible and far away so they are not annoying in the perspective view.

It is a must have for any modeler that want to use reference images.



Download Backgrounder 1.0

Skyscraper Image

I saw a Skyscraper image on google and I wonder how long it would take to create a similar one. The answer was 20 min.


Kill da Brick Pre-Alpha 1.0

I have been working for a wile in a brick Buster game in python.

The idea is to create a game using only my coding skills, that means that in the game there will be no graphics that I cannot create by coding.

Right now there is only a ball bouncing around and a paddle that you can move with the mouse


Download Kill da Brick Pre-Alpha 1.0


Shower Cord Creator 1.0

This is an script that creates a shower cord over a line. It is a very useful tool for any architectural visualizer.



Download Shower Cord Creator 1.0


About Me

I am a 3d Artist morphing into a Technical artist. I am currently living and working in North England. The last 8 years I have been working as a 3d generalist developing all kind of artistic skills but recently I have found myself enjoying coding more and more.

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