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Substance Procedural rocky ground material

Manchester Unreal Engine Meetup

3 weeks ago, I went to an interesting MeetUp  in Manchester.  The meeting was about Unreal Engine and there was several interesting chats about the creation of video games. One of the thing that catch my attention was that most of the companies was working with a program called Substance and after some investigation I discover that its a really cool program that soon will become a standard in the video game industry.

Allegorithmic Substance

Substance Designer screen grab with the result of the first tutorial.

Allegorithmic substance Its probably the most interesting thing happening in the 3d world since Zbrush.

The software is divided in two different programs.:

  1. Substance Painter, its great to paint materials over your models. The cool part about it is that you are painting in all of the channels at the same time(diffuse, normal, metallic…) this is why instead of paint with color red or green, you paint with leather or metal.
  2. Substance designer, its a node based material creation software. The cool thing is that you can use all the materials that you create in Substance Painter or export them to Unreal or Unity.


Procedural rocky ground material

Last week I have been trying to learn both programs and I think I am starting to know my way around them. For all of them who want to start with Substance. Allegorithmic channel in youtube have a lot of really cool tutorials. My favourite so far is the Procedural rocky Ground Material by Wes McDermott, Its a little bit complicated but definitely worth it. This is the material that I have created with it, its fully procedural (no maps):


Not bad for a first attempt 

You can download the end result of the tutorial here but if you are going to do so, I will recommend to download the one Wes McDermott did.

In conclusion, substance software is a fantastic tool and you should learn it as soon as possible. I am having a lot of fun with it.

File Organizer



File Organizer leaves an object ready to save in the library. With this Script, the next time you merge some object to your scene it will be perfect.

The script will do the following:

  1. Change the name of every part of the object to the given name.
  2. Group the objects.
  3. Name the group with the given name.
  4. Put everything in a layer with the given name.
  5. Center the object to [0,0,0] with the pivot in the bottom of the group.




This script is very easy to use. First you just have to fill all the fields that you want to be in the name and then, you press “Get it ready”.


Download File Organizer 1.0

TurboSmooth Otimizer 1.0


This script reduce the number of polygons in the scene while keep them in during the render.

The Script will change the TurboSmooth iterations for TurboSmooth render iterations. As a result, we will have a scene that have way less polygons in while we work in it but it will render at the same quality.



How to use it:

 This script check all the selected objects and if they have any TurboSmooth modifiers it will do the follow:

  1. if the TurboSmooth render iterations is activated,it will put the iterations to 0.
  2. if the TurboSmooth render iterations is not active it will put the iterations to 0, activate the render iterations and put the iterations number in render iteration.


Download TurboSmooth Optimizer

UVW Randomizer 1.0


This script is a way to create UVW maps in several objects at the same time with the intention of
randomize the position of them. It can be useful in the creation of objects with the same
material but different pattern like tiled floors.



This script is obsolete, you can download the last version here

if for any reason you still want the old version:

Download UVW Randomizer 1.0

Motorider 2017

Today is my Birthday (ueeeeee I am old!!!) and my brother has given me the best birthday present ever, MY OWN VIDEOGAME!!!


download motorrider 2017



download motorrider 2017


Bathroom 01

This days, big part of my job is modeling and rendering bathrooms. I made this image a few months ago:


Backgrounder 1.0



Backgrounder try to fix the problem created with the 2014 version when Autodesk remove the “lock zoom and pan” option from the background menu.
It creates a “Virtual Studio” in a very easy way with planes that are frozen but still visible and far away so they are not annoying in the perspective view.

It is a must have for any modeler that want to use reference images.



Download Backgrounder 1.0

Skyscraper Image

I saw a Skyscraper image on google and I wonder how long it would take to create a similar one. The answer was 20 min.


Kill da Brick Pre-Alpha 1.0

I have been working for a wile in a brick Buster game in python.

The idea is to create a game using only my coding skills, that means that in the game there will be no graphics that I cannot create by coding.

Right now there is only a ball bouncing around and a paddle that you can move with the mouse


Download Kill da Brick Pre-Alpha 1.0


Shower Cord Creator 1.0

This is an script that creates a shower cord over a line. It is a very useful tool for any architectural visualizer.



Download Shower Cord Creator 1.0


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