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V-Ray 3.4 Denoiser Tests.



I have tested the new V-ray  denoiser to see how can be used in a production pipeline. The Idea behind the denoiser is to create a noisier but quicker image using lower noise threshold in brute force and then reduce the noise with the denoiser. The tool its simple enough: you just add VRayDenoiser as a render element, select the strength of the denoiser (if you choose custom you can change it after render) and that’s it.

To do the tests I used the default “universal” V-ray set up with light cache as secondary bounces and brute force in primary. I put my max subdivisions at 100 and control the quality with the noise threshold.

In this test I used a material created to test the noise reduction. Its basically a red kind of plastic with a weird Bercon noise as a bump. The Shader Ball was taken from Grant Warwick website (very good courses).

This is the hi quality control image with a noise threshold of 0.005

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Substance Procedural rocky ground material

Manchester Unreal Engine Meetup

3 weeks ago, I went to an interesting MeetUp  in Manchester.  The meeting was about Unreal Engine and there was several interesting chats about the creation of video games. One of the thing that catch my attention was that most of the companies was working with a program called Substance and after some investigation I discover that its a really cool program that soon will become a standard in the video game industry.

Allegorithmic Substance

Substance Designer screen grab with the result of the first tutorial.

Allegorithmic substance Its probably the most interesting thing happening in the 3d world since Zbrush.

The software is divided in two different programs.:

  1. Substance Painter, its great to paint materials over your models. The cool part about it is that you are painting in all of the channels at the same time(diffuse, normal, metallic…) this is why instead of paint with color red or green, you paint with leather or metal.
  2. Substance designer, its a node based material creation software. The cool thing is that you can use all the materials that you create in Substance Painter or export them to Unreal or Unity.


Procedural rocky ground material

Last week I have been trying to learn both programs and I think I am starting to know my way around them. For all of them who want to start with Substance. Allegorithmic channel in youtube have a lot of really cool tutorials. My favourite so far is the Procedural rocky Ground Material by Wes McDermott, Its a little bit complicated but definitely worth it. This is the material that I have created with it, its fully procedural (no maps):


Not bad for a first attempt 

You can download the end result of the tutorial here but if you are going to do so, I will recommend to download the one Wes McDermott did.

In conclusion, substance software is a fantastic tool and you should learn it as soon as possible. I am having a lot of fun with it.

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Motorider 2017

Today is my Birthday (ueeeeee I am old!!!) and my brother has given me the best birthday present ever, MY OWN VIDEOGAME!!!


download motorrider 2017



download motorrider 2017


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