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Free Retro leather Sofa

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V-Ray 3.4 Denoiser Tests.



I have tested the new V-ray  denoiser to see how can be used in a production pipeline. The Idea behind the denoiser is to create a noisier but quicker image using lower noise threshold in brute force and then reduce the noise with the denoiser. The tool its simple enough: you just add VRayDenoiser as a render element, select the strength of the denoiser (if you choose custom you can change it after render) and that’s it.

To do the tests I used the default “universal” V-ray set up with light cache as secondary bounces and brute force in primary. I put my max subdivisions at 100 and control the quality with the noise threshold.

In this test I used a material created to test the noise reduction. Its basically a red kind of plastic with a weird Bercon noise as a bump. The Shader Ball was taken from Grant Warwick website (very good courses).

This is the hi quality control image with a noise threshold of 0.005

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Bathroom 01

This days, big part of my job is modeling and rendering bathrooms. I made this image a few months ago:


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Skyscraper Image

I saw a Skyscraper image on google and I wonder how long it would take to create a similar one. The answer was 20 min.


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